SSL Authorities

SSL Security Accelerator

98% of web sites with SSL are prone to data breaches due to the lack of necessary certificate configuration checks (Source: CA Security Council 2019).

PCI Checklist provides a service that can check the configuration of their customers for SSL Authorities. This service can be leveraged as a value added service at the time of SSL purchase.

Realtime SSL Security Analysis: The security status SSL customers can be determined in realtime. Any change in their security status will trigger an alarm to inform the customer and the SSL Authority.

Reporting and Knowledgebase: Security analysis, threats and status changes based on SSL provided services will be monitored in realtime, and will be reported within desired timespans. Articles and tools to solve detected SSL vulnerabilities will be provided with the reports. All of the articles written and tools are developed by security professionals with more than 15 years of experience of SSL issues on datacenter levels.

SSL Authorities Integration: Leveraging the current SSL Certificate used by the customer and its domains/subdomains, the potential risk factors will be taken into account and the SSL Authority will be informed in the right type of SSL certificate a certain customer should consider.

SSL Authorities and Providers, contact us for value added services.

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