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Banking and PayFac

Fintech Security Accelerator (FSA) for Banking

Financial service providers -such as banks and payfacs- have significantly larger cyber risks compared to others. A single unregulated merchant can cause huge impacts on these facilities. Avoid troubling consequences by measuring, managing and mitigating risks of third-party data breaches.

‘By 2022, cyber security ratings will become as important as credit ratings when assessing the risk of business relationships’
(Gartner Inc, 2018)

130 % Increase In Card Payment Transactions Made On The Internet In Last 3 Years.

Source: BKM (Interbank Card Center of Turkey)

$100 Billion Average Annual Potential Losses Of Banks From Cyber Attacks.

Source: Bouveret, 2018, IMF working paper, Cyber Risk for the Financial Sector

59% Of Companies Experienced A Data Breach Caused By One Of Their Vendors Or Third Parties.

Source: Opus&Ponemon Institute, 2018 Data Risk in the Third-Party Ecosystem

Merchant Security Risk Assessment

PCI Checklist scans websites of every virtual POS vendors of payment gateways externally, with a PCI-DSS oriented mindset that correlates the output with card transaction volumes, all in real time or on a regularly basis.

Onboarding Risk Assessment

Aside from real time continuous scans, PCI Checklist provides the option to run a one-time scan and evaluate the potential security risks a vendor poses.

PCI Checklist Awareness Report

Apart from the security reports of each vendor, an “Awareness Report” is shared with the bank or e-payment system.

PCI-QSA and ASV Prioritization

PCI Checklist can determine which companies should be prioritized for PCI audits using the output of scan and volumetric data.


The ONLAYER B.A.S.E. (Balanced Adaptive Stealth Engine) Technology ensures load generated on the target website is under control and limited.

REST API Integration

Every data and operation running on PCI Checklist can be directly accessed by the bank or e-payment system via RESTful API’s.

Monitoring and Alarming

The ability to scan vendors in real time gives the advantage to monitor the whole portfolio’s security status and generate alarms accordingly.

Reporting and Knowledge Base

ONLAYER Fintech Services offers a single point to monitor the security status of the whole portfolio. Detected security vulnerabilities and articles to solve these problems can be provided with each of the digital POS customer with a single click.

Protecting Sensitive Data

All the components of PCI Checklist are in a PCI Compliant zone with biometric access, locked cages and high available private cloud architecture.

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