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Banks and Payment Facilitators

Merchant Security Risk Assessment for Banks and Payment Facilitators

Acquiring banks and payment facilitators have significant cyber risks and compliance liabilities due to their merchants. A single unregulated merchant can cause serious cyber and reputational damage. 

Avoid troubling consequences by measuring, managing and mitigating risks of third-party data breaches.

‘By 2022, cyber security ratings will become as important as credit ratings when assessing the risk of business relationships’

Merchant Security Risk Assessment

To comply with Visa, Mastercard and PCI-DSS rules, PCI Checklist periodically scans merchants on behalf of banks and payment facilitators.

Automated Merchant Onboarding

Onboarding Module automates the assessment of security and regulative risks of the merchants and shortens the onboarding process from days to minutes.

Portfolio Awareness Reports

Awareness Report prepared by experts provide you with tailored brief and outlining prioritized actions, complementary to the dashboard.


PCI Checklist Panel allows Banks and Payment Service Providers to request a PCI-DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire from the merchants, who can fill and submit it online with digital signature.

PCI Checklist BASE Technology

PCI Checklist Balanced Adaptive Stealth Engine (BASE), without any integration, ensures that the target website is not drained.

REST API Integration

Every data and operation running on PCI Checklist can be directly accessed by the bank or e-payment system via RESTful API’s.

Monitoring and Alarming

Continuous scanning gives the advantage of monitoring the whole portfolio’s security status and generates alarms accordingly.

Reporting and Knowledge Base

To accelerate the remediation process, customized solution articles are shared alongside the merchant specific risk reports.

Protecting Sensitive Data

All the components of PCI Checklist are in a PCI Compliant zone with biometric access, locked cages and high available private cloud architecture.

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130 % Increase In Card Payment Transactions Made On The Internet In Last 3 Years.

$100 Billion Average Annual Potential Losses Of Banks From Cyber Attacks.

59% Of Companies Experienced A Data Breach Caused By One Of Their Vendors Or Third Parties.

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