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"Financial Technology" with Kıvanç Harputlu and Mustafa Emre Aydın (Jan 20 2020 - Bloomberg HT)

PCI Checklist founding partners Kıvanç Harputlu and Emre Aydın on their second appearance in "Financial Technology" discuss cyber-security risks and consumer awareness in online shopping.

Bloomberg HT "Finansal Teknoloji"
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PCI Checklist becomes Maxis's new investment of 1.1 Million TL (Jan 14 2020 - Webrazzi)

PCI Checklist becomes the first Workup graduate to receive funding from Maxis GSYF.

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Ekotürk TV "Economy of Everything" Live Stream (July 4th 2019 - Ekotürk TV)

We discussed security problems and prevention methods to fight against threats for e-commerce websites. Founding partner Kıvanç Harputlu explained how PCI Checklist provides solutions to these problems.

Ekotürk TV "Economy of Everything - Her Şeyin Ekonomisi "
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PCI Checklist Business HT Live "FinTech" Live Stream (June 26th 2019 - Business HT Live)

PCI Cheklist founding partners discussed e-commerce security on Business HT Live's "FinTech".

"Fintech" streamed on Business HT Live
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ONLAYER Bloomberg HT "Financial Technology" Live Stream (June 26th 2019 - Bloomberg HT)

PCI Checklist founding partners Kıvanç Harputlu ve Emre Aydın, answered Sefer Yüksel's questions on "Financial Technology".

PCI Checklist Bloomberg HT "Financial Technology"
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Secure with PCI Checklist (June 13th 2019 - Hürriyet)

Security is the primary cause for concern while shopping on e-commerce websites. Large businesses spend exorbitant sums of money to take security precautions. What about small business? The Turkish startup PCI Checklist solves this problem.

Secure with PCI Checklist
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Founding partner of ONLAYER Kıvanç Harputlu explains the details at Workup Demo Day (June 13th 2019 - Webrazzi)

On the graduation day for the 4th iteration of Turkish İş Bank's Workup program, we talked with the founding partner of PCI Checklist, Kıvanç Harputlu.

Founding partner of PCI Checklist Kıvanç Harputlu explains the details at Workup Demo Day
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PCI Checklist: The SaaS that provides real time security monitoring for FinTech businesses (May 6th 2019 - egirişim)

PCI Checklist, one of the startups in the 4th iteration of İş Bank's expedition program Workup, is a SaaS enterprise that provides real time security monitoring for banks, e-commerce businesses and other entities in the FinTech ecosystem.

PCI Checklist: The SaaS that provides real time security monitoring for FinTech businesses
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ONLAYER Information Technologies Corporation is founded (April 19th 2019)

ONLAYER Information Technologies Corporation is founded to improve the application of PCI-DSS in Turkey and around the world. PCI Checklist, the flagship product of the company is now available online. Among the founding partners of the company are Cem Karaca, the owner of a FinTech oriented data centre for 15 years, Emre Aydın, a POS terminal TSM developer, Kıvanç Harputlu, a FinTech system infrastructure and security solutions sales expert and Tunç Yıldırım, the PCI-DSS expert with a 100% certification success rate that provides PCI-DSS consultancy to over 20 payment system organizations and POS terminal manufacturers.

The founding partners of OnLayer note that small and medium sized businesses in the e-commerce ecosystem lack the technical and monetary resources necessary to provide a secure platform for their customers: "We have 15 years of experience in FinTech data security which we're using to build a pool of knowledge that detects the vulnerabilities of online systems and makes it easy to implement solutions. We also offer an Auto Fixation agent which is installed directly on the target system that provides a one-click solution to many of the vulnerabilities found by PCI Checklist. This way, unlike our competitors, we provide easy to understand, easy to implement security solutions that don't require technical knowledge or expertise. Moreover, we provide security scans in real time instead of scheduled regular intervals. For us, the security of businesses that involve payment systems is something that should be under constant surveillence."

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PCI Checklist gets selected to join İş Bank's Workup program from 3255 applications (February 19th 2019 - Webrazzi)

The 4th Workup startup program has started. The program started in May 2017, and this year it hosts 12 new startups.

The 12 startups that got selected to the 4th Workup startup program